Welcome @2006-257

Welcome to my humble electronic abode!

If you are looking for my Sources and Resources page, see erik.naggum.no.

This is where you find Erik Naggum's ordinary website, naggum.no, which is sort of a vestigal website for my company, Naggum Software. I am unable to keep my company in operation for health reasons, but it is one of those things I just cannot give up. Instead of being a commercial undertaking, it is now only a hobby. Until my health improves, which it might never do sufficiently, I am generally unable to accept programming projects, teaching opportunities, or requests to advise students, although I would really like to see what I can do if you would like my input.

I work hard to remain reachable electronically because I am generally unable to be physically present at social events and activities, so please do not hesitate to write me at erik@naggum.no or see the contact information page which includes some more ways to reach me.

Back when it was still young and cool, I was persuaded to join orkut.

Best regards,
Erik Naggum